Tuning & Repair

Kenn Wildes is one of Seattle’s high quality concert tuners, tuning most of the public performance venues on the Eastside, as well as many home, church, school, restaurant, and recording studio pianos. Please contact us for your tuning needs or fill out a Tuning Request

When Purchasing at Stage 7 Pianos

We either offer 1 free local in-home tuning free of charge or a half-price tuning, depending on the piano.
Tuning pianos after purchase needs to be done within 3 months of delivery.


We are able to repair anything and everything on a piano, including technical needs, cosmetic issues, and piano benches.

Kirkland Piano Tuning


Interested in piano tuning in Kirkland, WA, and surrounding areas? Kirkland piano tuning is an important part of maintenance but is often underestimated. As obvious as it may sound, without your Kirkland piano tuning, your piano will go out of tune and will not sound nice. However, it is important to get your Kirkland piano tuning done by a Kirkland piano tuning company like Stage 7 Pianos, to ensure that it is done properly.

There are also many reasons for getting your Kirkland piano tuning done by a professional. Doing so, the Kirkland piano tuning will not only make your piano tunes in-sync and sound nicer, but it will add more life and value to your piano strings.

  • Tuning an acoustic piano
  • Fixing out of tune pianos
  • Piano tuning company near me

Our Kirkland piano tuning company, Stage 7 Pianos, is just one phone call away!

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Kirkland Piano Tuning Company


We are a Kirkland piano tuning company that offers a wide range of services including repairing pianos, restoration of pianos and piano benches, piano detailing and maintenance services. Our Kirkland piano tuning company is known for selling great quality pianos such as Yamaha and Kawai grands and uprights, Steinway & High-end grands and uprights, mid-level grands and uprights, baby grands, and master uprights. Our Kirkland piano tuning company also offers stage rentals and piano consignment services.

Our Kirkland piano tuning company is one of the most credible ones in the region. We are a Kirkland piano tuning company that also provides the following services:

  • Piano restoration
  • Piano maintenance
  • Piano rental services
  • Piano repair services

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Kirkland Piano Tuning Services


Regular Kirkland piano tuning services adds to the durability of the piano strings. An important reason why you should go for Kirkland piano tuning services is to protect your ears. If you do not go for Kirkland piano tuning services and continue to play and listen to out-of-tune piano, your ears will get used to it and you may soon forget the difference between correct and out-of-tune pitches.

Also, without having Kirkland piano tuning services, your piano will not create sounds like other pianos which can cause hinderance in your learning and entertainment.

In addition to providing you with topnotch Kirkland piano tuning services, reach out to us for:

  • Piano consignment
  • Piano for sale
  • Piano lessons
  • Piano store
  • Piano donation

For fuss-free Kirkland piano tuning services, get in touch with Stage 7 Pianos now!

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