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Dec 20, 2019

A Night At the Movies

Azeem began taking piano lessons at the age of six at the Kirkland Academy of Music & Performance. He enjoys many different types of music from the classics to show tunes and making his own arrangements. Azeem’s public performances include the October Festival at Cornish College of the Arts, Eight Grands shows, Piano in the Parks and a musical theater production of Little Johnny Jones where he played the Maitre’D and Constable. His interests include Minecraft, Chemistry, Lego stop motion and Star Wars. He loves to read and is a huge fan of the Harry Potter books and Keeper of the Lost Cities. Azeem is currently a fifth grader at Woodmoor Elementary in Bothell.

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All songs composed by John Williams


Star Wars Main Title
~One of the most well-known and popular themes of all time

Anakin’s Theme
~The story of a young boy who will one day become Darth Vader

Duel of the Fates
~The epic duel of Obi-Wan Kenobi & Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth Maul

Across the Stars
~Anakin Skywalker and Padmé Amidala’s love theme

Lando’s Closet
~Han Solo and Qira’s love theme

Cantina Band
~Frigin D'an and the rest of the Modal Notes band play a lively tune at the Mos Eisley Cantina

Princess Leia’s Theme
~The famous theme of the beautiful Alderaan princess

The Throne Room
~Luke, Han and Chewbacca step up to receive their medals. One Death Star down!

The Imperial March 
~The dramatic tune of Darth Vader as he marches down the halls of an Imperial Star Destroyer

May the Force be With You
~The theme of the mystical power that binds the galaxy together






Yoda’s Theme
~The theme of the popular, green-skinned alien

Han Solo and the Princess
~Han Solo and Princess Leia’s love theme

The Emperor Arrives
~Emperor Palpatine comes to oversee the construction of the Death Star II. Those stormtroopers better be working hard!

Luke and Leia
~Luke and Leia have a chat on Endor

Victory Celebration
~The Empire is defeated, and now it’s time to party with the Ewoks

Rey’s Theme
~The main theme of the female hero of the Sequel Trilogy

The Starkiller
~The entire star system of Hosnian Prime is destroyed by the evil First Order

Ahch-To Island
~The beautiful island that Luke spent so many years in exile

The Sacred Jedi Texts
~Yoda destroys these ancient books just with a flick of a green finger

The Spark
~One man vs. the First Order. What is Luke thinking?

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker D23 Trailer Music
~We all know that this Star Wars movie will be the best yet!





  • I have used Kenn’s piano tuning services since 2001. ... I found his knowledge of pianos extensive and have continued to call on him over the years. ... Kenn is always prompt, courteous and very kind to my old and temperamental piano. I recommend him to anyone who is looking for a tuner.
    – Kerry D.
  • Testimonial from tuning Bosendorfer grand for concert pianist in Seattle:
    It was a great pleasure for me when I played my piano extensively yesterday later in the day after the piano was tuned. I felt great benefit from the clarity of the sound and liked and enjoyed it very much. So did my wife too when she played - and she has excellent hearing. Thank you dearly!
    – Hartwig E.
  • As a music teacher, I've really loved working with the Stage 7 staff as they've been very helpful with hosting recital space for our group. Parents and students have loved the selection of pianos and also their beautiful space!
    – Jonathan and Christine M.
  • We were extremely pleased with the piano tuning and repairs that Kenn provided. He is very professional, skilled, and personable. His prices were very reasonable for the amount of time and effort he provided (which was a lot). We highly recommend Kenn!
    – The Knickrehm Rich Family
  • Stage 7 provides the finest concert grand in the area for our studio recitals. Kenn and his staff are most professional. At every recital, they give us the warm reception, wonderful service and make us all feel like home.
    – Yunbo C.
  • Kenn, Thank you very much. I appreciate your help and time and cooperation. Stage 7 came highly recommended to us and I am thankful for your help. Getting all of this insurance mess wrapped up has been a challenge.
    – Douglas
  • Thank you all again. Truly this is a dream come true. I can assure you the piano will be a cherished instrument. Thanks for the care you clearly give all the pianos!
    I think I played the piano for about six hours on Saturday! My husband is totally enjoying listening to me play again (even with all the wrong notes and crazy tempos) and my daughter is interested in learning. Believe me, this piano could not have a more adoring family! And my granddaughters just cannot wait to play it! I just referred someone to Stage 7!
    Thanks again!!!
    – Deb J.
  • My name is Kim B and I'm a piano teacher in the Kirkland area. I've used Stage 7 Pianos numerous times for my piano recitals. The staff is always so helpful and flexible to work with. The acoustics sound fantastic for performances and my students have an extra bonus by being able to play on world class concert grand pianos! Looking forward to using this special venue for many years to come.
    – Kim B.
  • Kenn helped me look at and assess a used Steinway B piano that I purchased for a venue in Seattle, The Royal Room. Kenn was honest, helpful, and very easy to work with. The piano has worked out great, the performers love it, and we have been very happy.
    – Wayne H.
  • I feel as if a new friend has just entered my life....a beautiful Young Chang piano from Stage 7. After 50 years without a piano, I immediately fell in love with the sound and beauty of the piano and the expertise of the staff at Stage 7 helped me cement my decision. They refinished the bench, tuned the piano and made sure that I was connected with an outstanding piano mover who carefully negotiated a few tight left turns to get my piano into its new home.
    Starting piano lessons again after so many years is a joy....and sitting down to "practice" fills a place that was missing in my soul. And my family has adopted Young Chang and my son and granddaughter sit down to play each time they visit....bringing extra smiles and warmth to my home.
    Thank you, Kenn and staff, for answering all my questions and for helping me choose a new best friend.
    – Deborah C.
  • Just as buying our piano was a big decision, so was selling it. I had no idea where to start, but decided to send Stage 7 an email. I received a prompt, honest, and very helpful response from Kenn Wildes. He gave me current market information that proved to be 100% accurate regarding selling the piano on my own. As a result, I later consigned my piano to Stage 7 and it sold very quickly. Couldn’t have asked for a better consignment experience!
    – Carl B.
  • Kenn, you are running a great business and I am proud to be a part of it. I love that you care for the family and the piano after the sale. I feel cared for and valued as a customer.
    You have made this a pressure free experience for us. Payment, loaning the moving equipment and following up about everything going well.
    Thank you!!
    – Mike T.



This 1915 gorgeous unique walnut Steinway Model O has been refinished in November 2014 with a perfect Steinway style finish, including recently restrung with all new strings, hammers, and keytops.

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